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What we’re about

Welcome to the Asian Social Group Meetup!

The Asian Social Group group is for Asians (all types; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc… who want to meet and socialize as well. This is meant to be a social group where you'll go out and have fun and meet people who have similar interests.

We have quite a number of events, from food events to hiking.

The Asian Social Group Meetup requires photos, so when you sign up (it's free to join), please use your real name and post your photo so we'll be able to identify who's attending the event. This is not the place to be shy, we're a friendly group.


Attend at Your Own Risk

By joining and/or attending our events, all members/participants and their guest(s) 

- assume all risks, 

- agree to waive all rights to sue the organizers, co-organizers, and event organizers

- shall release the organizers, co-organizers, and event organizers from all liability as a result of any loss, damage, injury, death, expenses, accidents, and/or suffering directly or indirectly as a result of participating in our events.  

No Shows

We do hope that if you RSVP for an event that you will show up. Thus we are enforcing a two strikes and you're out policy in the group. If you miss two events in a row that you have RSVP'd for, then you will be removed from the group, just so we can keep everyone accountable. We understand that people's plans may change, but at the same time, we asked that you be considerate enough to update your RSVP on a timely basis.

Last Minute Drops

Last minute drops for dining venues will be counted as a "no show" because it is unfair for individuals on the wait list that wish to attend. It also shows a lack of consideration for the organizer(s) as well as the restaurant if arrangements are already made in advance.

Wait List Rules

Individuals that are wait listed should not show up to dining venues and expect the organizer(s) to accommodate them. Reservations may have already been made, not to mention space may be limited for smaller restaurants. We want everyone to have a comfortable dining environment. Showing up unexpectedly is not only rude, but disrespectful and an inconvenience to the organizer(s) and attendees. Individuals that are wait listed will be turned away without exception and will be banned from the group if they repeatedly do so.