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Welcome to a FREE 3rd Sunday 1pm-2:30pm monthly Meetup! Generally 20 to 40 new participants register online at, click link for meeting ID below. The FREE event is similar to the in-person event described below:

For IN-Person networking event (after Covid is over)

Asians, Asian Americans and community allies meet in person every 3rd Sundays, 12:30PM to 3:00PM, at One Fish Two Fish Asian Cafe, 2423 Pennsylvania Ave. NorthWest, Wash. D.C. 20037.  We invite you to come, connect with new contacts, enjoy lunch with friends (old and new) and take action by showing up and supporting this Washington DC Asian American community development event on 3rd Sundays of each month, at the same time and place! This "Meetup for Conversations" volunteer program has taken place since 1997, for over 20 years! 


Asian American professionals of DC's Friendship Archway Network are actively bridging cultural, digital and other divides, creating opportunities, ending suffering, preventing poverty and building community in downtown Washington DC. We do this in many ways and this event is one way to come together, work together and succeed together!

We invite you and your friends to join Asian American professionals and people of all backgrounds interested in Asian Americans, Chinese language, Chinese Americans, US-China relations, Chinatown D.C., Asian American relations, personal, economic, spiritual and community development to come together face-to face each month. There are many new contacts at each of these community events. This is a happy and fun way to bridge cultural and digital divides and strengthen harmony and unity through humor and comedy in Wash. D.C. 

This is a monthly opportunity to connect with people from this Asian American group and other social entrepreneurial community groups for enriched networking purposes on the 3rd Sundays of each month 12:30PM to 3:00PM. One-on-one conversations may continue to dinner time at One Fish restaurant.  These community events are held at the same time and same location each month. Please confirm and reserve in advance if you can.

Program: there is an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves to everybody in the room after people have ordered something to eat or drink, then participants can followup with those contacts they wish to exchange name cards or interact with the rest of the afternoon. 

WHEN: 12:30PM TO 2:30PM on the third Sunday of each month, at the same place and time. (You can followup with one-on-one conversations even after the program has ended at the restaurant until 4pm.)

ADMISSION: We appreciate a $5 donation online (for nonprofit 501c3);  at the door only cash, suggested $10; Self-pay for lunch/food/drink or whatever you order. (Online networking event is FREE)

Meet with local Asian professionals, business owners, consultants, GWU alum and people of diverse backgrounds interested in building a better FUTURE and making new contacts in a friendly community context. This is an ideal atmosphere to develop new community and business relationships. Meet face-to-face with business owners who could offer new internships, new work experiences and expand your network of people interested in ending poverty, bridging divides, creating opportunities and building community in DC.

For more info, see, also see DC government's Office on Asian & Pacific Islander Affairs websites.  We appreciate ABC and AlliesDC's ongoing good work for Asian Americans and all Americans. Join the ConversationsNET tables for all people interested in Asian relations, Asians, Asian Pacific Islanders, Recruiting, Financial Education, Senior Education and Employment, social entrepreneurship and advancement programs. The monthly program is designed to help you expand your network of personal contacts and to work together to improve Asian and non-Asian relations. This is an effective response to address many issues related to the perception of Asian Americans. By being open, available and positive, we are contributing to a better future for Asian American relations. Feel free to sit at different conversations tables each time you attend. Those who come at 12:30PM will be able to sit and order food or drink first before the round of self-introductions start. Your donation goes to charity. Thanks for your support and interest in giving back to the community!

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