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What we’re about

Supporting diversity in Irish STEM since 2013.

AskATon is a voluntary organisation based in Dublin, Ireland supporting diversity in STEM. Our event format is quite unique, featuring surprise, impromptu talks from our event participants, as well as panel talks, keynotes and workshops. Friendly and safe. :)

AskATon events:

    Diversity focused tech events, business meetups. Free.

    STEM and social entrepreneurship focused.

    One theme per month, a speaker or two and a ton of questions asked. is the preferred membership platform. Here's our group.

    We insist in questions being asked. These events are there for people to leave with knowledge. We want your questions answered, the unknowns addressed. Come prepared.

    Ask ask ask. The speakers are there for you. They want your questions.

    Ask ask ask. The members are there to help and be helped. Share share share.

    This may be a female friendly event but everyone is welcome. This is about supporting diversity.

    Have ideas? Suggestions? Do share.

AskATon of questions from your own community. Organise your own event:

    Anyone can organise an AskATon

    Monday to Friday. Max 2 hours

    One event per month

    The monthly theme comes from us

    You may not charge for these events

    You may seek sponsorship (food & drink)


...and just be kind, use common sense and help. No religious or political views to be promoted within these events.

Thank you!