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What we’re about

The San Francisco Signing Space ASL Group is for everyone who is interested to chat in American Sign Language, which is used through out the United States and some parts of Canada. All are welcome: deaf, hard of hearing and hearing!!! All who love to meet other signers, to practice ASL and to have some fun!

This will be a signing only environment. You may use written notes, your own body language (as you do in a foreign country) or fingerspelling but you may not use your voice. We believe that only in an immersive signing environment can you learn a visual language appropriately.

Please don't be intimidated. We are very nice people and help you out whenever you get stuck with signing!

Code of Conduct

We are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and harassment-free space and experience for all community participants.

We also have a Facebook Group ( and like our Facebook Community Page (!

If you also host an ASL Meetup in the Bay Area and would like to be linked, let me know.

Marin ASL Facebook Group:

If you like books, please join the Deaf Book Club:

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