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Každý měsíc nové pochoutky pro designerské mozečky. Jedeme nonstop od června 2013. Organizuje Asociace UX. Open Read more for English.

Every month new delicacies for designer brains. We are going nonstop since June 2013. Organized by UX Association and sometimes in English.

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Projector UX meetup #9

HubHub Na Příkopě 14

Hey. Here we are again. We want to invite you to our next meetup. This time it will happen by the productboard support. The first speaker will be Zdenek Kuncar - Product Designer productboard. Zdenek will talk about Feature lifecycle. Having a clear understanding of your user's needs gives product teams a great advantage to make the right decisions. However, it’s not very clear how to continuously learn from your users and use those learnings to make decisions in a product organization. Zdenek will share an example of how through continuous discovery the team has turned ideas into features that productboard customers love using. After a short pause for a beer we'll listen to Denis Rojčyk - product designer Kiwi.com. We'll talk about quite interesting product topic — How to redesign without anyone to notice? Big redesigns, while generally improving the experience, are usually presented with a big bang as huge revolutions. But since these are so sudden they often confuse the users. In this talk we’ll take a look at how we redesigned our mobile apps, … without anyone noticing. Interesting? Don't hesitate to book a spot

UX Monday: Research

MSD IT Global Innovation Center, s.r.o.

Hey folks. Hope that you are doing well. We have a great honour to be the part of Asociace UX Prague. And now we are ready to announce that we will prepare the next UX Monday event which is happening every month. The main topic of this event will be Research methodologies. As usual we have two speakers. We'll start at 18:00, will listen to two speeches and at 21:00 we'll go to drink the beer (optional). You might know the first speaker. We are talking about Mike Rybachuk (Principal Executive Officer at Projector, Lead UX designer at SinnerSchrader Prague). How often you get the negative response when you ask for some research for your project? Time lack could be a reason. And low budget. Mike will talk about the research types which you can do without some budget and with a small amount of time. The second speaker is our great friend which will come from Ukraine. Paul Bilashchuk is a Senior Human-Computer Interaction Designer at EPAM Ukraine. Time on task is one of the key metrics in evaluating and analysing usability, it is essential in itself, but also closely related to other metrics. At the lecture, we talk about how to accurately measure time and how to process the data obtained as a result of the testing of time. Among other things, we touch upon such a framework as GOMS- this is a unique methodology that allows you to estimate how long a user needs to complete a particular task using a specific interface. So, it seems to be an interesting event. So, don't hesitate to book a spot. Entrance fee: 100 Kc (free for Asociace UX members)

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Projector UX meetup #8


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