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IxDD online from Brno 2020: Culture and Sustainability

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IxDD online from Brno 2020: Culture and Sustainability


World Interaction Design Day is an annual event where we come together as a united global community to show how interaction design improves the human condition.

This year’s theme is culture and sustainability.

Due to the current epidemiological situation we decided to move the event fully to the virtual space. Please join us on Tuesday 6PM via this link:


17:50 :: Stream starts

18:00 :: IxDD introduction, speakers

18:10 – 18:50 :: Jana Hřebecká – Sustainable design as a never-ending quest for balance and inclusion

Let’s have a look at different aspects of sustainability. I’d like to show you three pillars that create truly sustainable design (people, planet, profit) and the way how we include them into our design work in Pábení.
I’ll speak about innovative social service for midwives association, online culture toolkit for spedition company and physical fundrising product for environmental NGO. All of these projects cover different aspects of sustainability and bring different design challenges.

So let’s find out how to design products and services that balance social, environmental and financial impact all together.

18:55 – 19:50 :: Peter Rod – Digital products and sustainability - what should you as a designer know

Event though it seems invisible, digital products create an extensive environmental damage. What kind of impact digital products have? Why should you as a designer care? And what can you do about it?

In my talk I’ll go through some basic tools and practices you can use as well as dive deeper into the topic of sustainability, as well as opportunities and responsibilities design as a discipline faces now and will face in near future.

19:55 - 20:35 :: Petr Jezevec Pouchlý – "I have awesome ideas, but other guys from the company don't give a ..."

Fear of Annihilation is a really strong trigger of your acts and behaviours. It's easily (and often) triggered by "not to be heard" feelings in your company. Let's talk about how to shape a culture forward to better understanding each other and better communication in general. Not only for the sake of personal satisfaction but also for better team performance and future company innovation. So baby, take my hand and don't fear the reaper...

All talks are English only.


Jana Hřebecká

Jana is a design lead and presentation couch, always eager to see positive changes, whether in the work of companies or individuals.

As a part of Pábení, she is helping teams and companies to work more sustainable, in the broader sense of business, people, and environment.


Peter Rod

Peter is a user experience designer working on digital products for the IT industry.

With his passion for a responsible approach to work and the environment, he's trying to find out what a designer of digital products can and should do to have a positive impact on the environment.


Petr Jezevec Pouchlý

Petr is a business game designer, leader of a studio based on democratic principles, mentor for both corporate and nonprofit organizations covering value stream channels, governance, and strategy leadership.

As a proud member of the design studio Court of Moravia, he's helping companies to build (among others) a more healthy and open company culture. Believes in holarchy principles and radical candor.
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