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Meet other local astrology students, and share knowledge. Find out about the resources available thru out the region. Open to both western and Indian (Jyotish) systems. All levels of experience welcome. The DC AFAN Chapter (www.AFAN.ORG) Feel free to bring your chart if you have one. Free

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Celebration of the Solstice with Caroline Casey (Online)

Online event


Solstice Chart proclaims Democratic Animism
There’s a Trickster Chance for Democracy and Planet!
If we gather our wits,
are jaunty while being fully informed,
Partner with what we love,
Invite in Trickster in myriad guises: plants, animals, rocks, ancestors, Wisdom traditions,
everything we’ve ever studied,
Open the Solstice Portals
and are willing to
Come on Home to the Embrace of Big Mama Santera
all of which we will do, ha-ha!
(“Million to one chances crop up nine times out of ten!” sayeth Granny Weatherwax)
(Trickster Council opens its doors to all allies)
audio only
(phone / web call / broadcast
and replay available directly after)
Let’s dedicate to being telepathically available to Council cahooting, experimenting with wafting the desirable into Group Mind…
Yes, I am dedicated to partnering with allies,
back-stage and on-stage, to salvage democracy,
protect as much life as possible, while dancing
a Celtic Santeria Trickster jig with Bodhisattva Coyote!
Woof! Join us!
And, for further fun, this event is Choose your own price ~ Donations ~ Pay as you Desire
(While we encourage $23, we open up to autonomous whimsy
for you to contribute More-ha-ha! or Less, according to what feels like fun authentic honoring…)
Consider and make your contribution to join the council:
Caroline will weave the astro*mytho*politico guiding narrative, for this Summer
while new ancient ally
Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue
will proffer Solstice alchemical Celtic guiding plant/Myth lore,
(and more!)
South Barrule, Isle of Man, via ManxWytch
He says:
"One piece I would love to weave in: the Manx tradition of bringing rushes to the highest hill to pay the rent to Manannan, god of the waters, at Midsummer."
See Seán's post
"The Ocean and the Tear"
and longtime ally
Amikaeyla Gaston will proffer the songs, chants, drumming to invite in the ancestors, where by to animate our dedications and bring our words alive…
We begin with Legba -
to gather our wits
from the vast dispersion...
of our discombobulation.
That we may all combobulate into comfortable coherence.
Sean says: "Wonderful!
Elegba and Mannanan have much in common and definitely play well together.
Yes to St. John's Wort drop dosing!"
We invite all to have some St Johns Wort tincture
(or imagine we do, for our finale toast whereby we embody all desirable that be animated this evening cahoot.
Sean says tis the plant associated with the Summer Solstice.)
Here (below) be the chart for the Solstice, Sunday night,
with the Moon at 9+ Scorpio - ha!
the secret soul of America degree…
“Fellowship Supper reunites old comrades.”
(if we do a chart for America, using the time on cool-tower on back of $100 bill - gives 9+ Scorpio Rising)
Jupiter and Uranus - quintile =
bestow irresistible eloquence on behalf of what we love,
to all who offer their dedication, and raise their hands…
These two path opening Intelligences also offer us keys, whereby to open portals between worlds…
Many of our past mentors gave us keys,
but some may not have put the keys on the lock,
to tease teachings into incarnational actuality…
So let’s put the Keys in the Locks, and see who brought what!
and this be the chart of our cahooting, that I Caroline,
will delineate, and with colleagues,
will bring alive translating into energetic accessibility to all
(May it be so)…
The Moon in Scorpio forms a grand trine in Water
to Neptune in Pisces, and Venus in Big Mama’s
Cancerian Realm…
"Our Mother lives in the sea, and how wonderful “Kai Kai Kai”- our Mother is an anchor in the Storm."
and more proffering in Mondays missive...
Seán was Caroline's guest on the most recent Visionary Activist Show, Bardic Radio/Summer Solstice Sap Rising
Replay: coyotenetworknews.com/radioshow/bardic-radio-summer-solstice-sap-rising/

Register here to get the link
Link: https://coyotenetworknews.com/schedule/summer-solstice-2021/

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