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What we’re about

1) What we stand for:

    Equal rights for nonbelievers and believers

    We think everyone deserves the same rights and privileges regardless of whether or not they have religious beliefs

    Separation of government and religion

At present there is way too much religion in politics and government to the detriment of both – we support their separation as prescribed in the US Constitution

    A sharing of the tax burden by all

Tax exemptions and special privileges for religion cost US taxpayers as much as $1 trillion per year. If everyone, including religious organizations, paid their fair share, we individual taxpayers would save about $4000/year in income taxes

2) What we do:

    We hold monthly meetings and lively discussions in our member’s homes and celebrate various secular "holi"-days (July 4th, winter, End-of-Year parties with other secular groups - New York City Atheists)

    We participate in annual meetings and conventions for various national atheist groups including American Atheists, Atheist Alliance International and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. We're helping to establish a network of support and contacts for non-believers in all 50 states and Canada.

    Activism – We engage in the public debate on religion and atheism in the media. We submit questionnaires and petitions to politicians to educate the public on views of the proper role of religion in government and to inform incumbents of the needs and contributions of nonbelievers. We take part in various Westchester county festivals to increase the public awareness of us and to answer any and all questions about nonbelief and our group's functions.

Meet other local atheists and freethinkers for conversation and friendship!