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The Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG) is organized by Java Developers for Java Developers in order to:

Provide a forum for exchanging information and for brainstorming with other developers on how to successfully implement new Java solutions.

Deliver monthly technical presentations on the latest Java/JVM technologies.

Support the needs of both newbies and experts through related Study Groups targeted at Java Certification and Java-OO architectural issues.

Promote the advantages of Java as a development and deployment environment to the business and educational communities.

While our focus is around Java and the JVM, we also cover a wide variety of other related topics such as Agile development methodologies, mobile and client-side software development frameworks and tools.

Our website: http://www.ajug.org

How to join?

There are currently no dues or other formal requirements for joining AJUG. Simply join this Meetup group and start attending our meetings.

About Our Meetings

AJUG meets generally on the third Tuesday of each month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Perimeter area:

Roam Interactive Workspaces
1155 Mount Vernon Highway, Atlanta, GA

Our meetings emphasize high-quality technical content and we encourage interaction among attendees.

From 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, we usually have a pre-meeting hangout at a local Pub before the meeting starts officially at 7:00 PM:

the Royal Oak Pub next to the venue, so come early, hang out, have some food & drink, then head over to the venue for the main event!

Annual DevNexus Developer Conference

The Atlanta Java Users Group also organizes the annual DevNexus developer conference. For more information see: http://www.devnexus.com

Upcoming events (2)

Online Meeting - Self Healing Batch Jobs!

Online event

Your batch app crashed two hours into its three-hour run. Now you may have to do some cleanup and then restart it. Do you really have to do this, or can tools do this for me?

In this talk, we show how you can use Spring Batch and workflow engines to rescue a failed batch execution.

This discussion includes examples of how you can use Spring Cloud Data Flow composed tasks or Argo along with Spring Batch to reset and restart an execution without human intervention.

Bio - Glenn Renfro
As a VMware engineer, Glenn Renfro is a core committer for Spring Cloud Task, Spring Batch, and Spring Cloud Data Flow. He has 14 years of experience in designing, building, and delivering enterprise-level applications in Java and 21 years total of software development experience.

Online Meeting - Kubernetes and the Data Gateway Pattern

This talk is part of the Foojay JUG tour. Foojay.io is the new Java community platform with everything you need to do your daily Java development work — with reference materials on the latest OpenJDK versions, vendors, and distributions, together with insights into the latest quarterly updates, articles, blogs, tips and tricks, and much more. And all for free, accompanied by a Slack channel for discussion on all things Java and OpenJDK.

Join us to learn about Stargate, an open-source data gateway deployed between client applications and your Kubernetes databases. It's built with extensibility as a first-class citizen and makes it easy to use a database for any application workload by adding plugin support for new APIs, data types, and access methods. After detailing the architecture and ideas behind the frameworks we will demo the creation of REST and GraphQL APIs on top of Cassandra through simple configuration. Bring back home a working sample!

Cedrick Lumven is a Developer Advocate at DataStax where he finds opportunities to share his passions by speaking about developing distributed architectures and implementing reference applications for developers. In 2013, he created FF4j, an open-source framework for Feature Toggle which he still actively maintains. He is also a contributor for JHipster.

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