Venkat Subramaniam: Advanced Java 10 - Type Inference (Friend and Foe?)


Award-winning author, Java Champion and all around Java super-geek Venkat Subramaniam return to Atlanta JUG in this February 2019 edition!

Advanced Java 10 Features - Type Inference ( Friend and Foe? )

Java 10 has local variable type inference, but type inference is not really new in Java. Is type inference good or it is it bad. Are there challenges to use them? When is a good time to use type inference? What are some of the limitations of using it? This presentation includes the details of Java 10 type inference but certainly will not limit to it. We will step back and discuss type inference from the programmer point of view and work through the benefits and caveats. At the end of this presentation, you will be able to decide when to use it and where to avoid it.

Venkat will also be doing a full day workshop "Applying Design Patterns" at Devnexus here in Atlanta in March (6-8) Don't miss this and his other talks on Kotlin and Micronaut. Tickets are on sale for oly 3 more weeks!