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Volunteer at our shelter on our volunteers day
On Saturday June 23rd Volunteer at Our Shelter Come and have fun working with others while supporting women in crisis We need help with... Yard work Cutting down small saplings in yard Paint the front deck Stain the back deck Put insulation on pipes Log clothing donations We look forward to seeing you on the day. BACKGROUND JC Freedom House is a not for profit 501c3 organization founded in 2013 serving the Metro Atlanta area. The organization is located in Douglas County GA. GREAT NEED More than 10,000 people in metro Atlanta experience homelessness on any given night, with more than 40 percent being women and children. A survey of Atlanta's homeless shelters found a shortage of 1,700 beds for all single homeless people, more than 75,000 Georgians are homeless at some time during the year. JC Freedom House is helping to solve this issue.

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Our group has been selected as the 2009 Atlanta Community Food Bank Civic Volunteer Organization of the Year! ...

We are a group of individuals interested in getting out and benefiting our community through the donation of our time and manpower. The impact that a large group of individuals coming out and volunteering can have on an organization in need is significant.

FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, Inc., (FAST) is a 501 (c)(3) that operates this volunteer website as a way to organize volunteers to be broadly effective for any community need and not just to serve our nonprofit.

As a good corporate citizen, FAST believes that nonprofits are part of the larger community and that we should be prepared to serve and to assist other community causes besides our own.

Volunteers are in high demand due to our current economy, and our current economy also makes it more difficult to find volunteers.

To encourage more volunteerism, (FAST) is providing sports related activities and other incentives for people who volunteer their time. An example of this are the sailing and scuba activities given away free to volunteers or the movie tickets also given away to people who have volunteered.

When you volunteer for any worthy cause that FAST recognizes, we will give you volunteer credit hours you can exchange for an exciting variety of sports activities such as scuba, sailing, underwater photography or even operating an underwater vehicle at our pool.

It will be the goal of this volunteer group to work towards stabilizing the community with practical volunteer efforts in direct contact with those who truly need help and indirectly with supporting the administrative duties of nonprofits to help prevent any more from failing.

The mission of our sponsor FAST is to support challenged people through sports. Support comes in the form of employment, housing, physical activity and socialization. FAST also supports the health and wellness of the community at large and has a special place for challenged heroes such as veterans, police, fire, ems and other workers who become injured while serving others.

FAST is a very strong advocate for salary caps for anyone employed by a nonprofit. The 1.2 million dollars per year paid to Gloria Pace King of the United Way in 2008, is just one glaring example of the greed and malfeasance in nonprofits that FAST is crusading against.

FAST is just one of the many worthy causes that you can volunteer for.

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