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Brilliance Academy– Inspiring &Empowering People to Their Brilliance

Brilliance Academy is a business and personal development training company with a single focus: we help people tap into their own unique Brilliance. It is the No.1 Company optimising the MET training method. MET stands for Mind Empowering Technology. Our training programs are challenging, interactive and enjoyable. MET trains people in an experiential environment – “learning by doing”. We use games, simulations, NLP, hypnosis, discussions, individual assignments, group projects, exercises of all varieties and EFT so that the learning is fun, and you can enjoy its benefits for long after you leave the training room. We also invite experts from our worldwide network to provide inputs from their own areas of specialty to ensure leading-edge content.

Started in March 2011, Brilliance Academy is the result of Amandeep’s personal life experiences: coming from a single-room house in Calcutta with illiterate parents, struggling with being overweight and suicidal at the age of 16 and broke at 30, he went on to change his fate and is now an internationally renowned speaker presenting life-changing seminars all around the world. It made him realise that each individual holds an epitome of brilliance within themselves. To emerge as the shining star that we all are, we simply need to connect to the potential that we already have inside of us and accept ourselves completely. Once we explore new insights it automatically expands our comfort zone, which allows us to evolve into our brilliance. He believes that we can change our fate irrespective of our background, education, race, culture, skin colour, and linguistic abilities.

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