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What we’re about

This is the full ATV/UTV RIDE CENTER for all of the rides of the Boise ATV/UTV Trail Riders, Canyon County ATV Club, Emmett Rough Riders, Kuna ATV/UTV Trail Riders, and Mountain Home ATV Club. You must be a paid member to have access to this section.
For membership:
We have multiple clubs posting rides on this ride center.  If you are having problems getting access or need to speak to someone from a specific club you wish to be associated with, here are the Membership Directors for each club:
Boise ATV/UTV Trail Riders Club: Kelvin Dwello
Canyon County ATV Club:  Becky Hunt (President) or Rick Harris (Treasurer)
Emmett Rough Riders ATV Club: Teresa Martin, or
Kuna ATV/UTV Trail Riders: Terry Hill
Mountain Home ATV Club: Darcy Heckathorne @
Also, we will request you use a picture of yourself so we can identify you before or after a ride.  It helps our members stay in touch with one another and it helps in the event of an emergency. Your first and last name are also required when you sign up.