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Austin DevOps is a community of practitioners who strive to improve through sharing the experiences and expertise.

• We are excited about the local ops engineer who wants to show how they solved their technical problem.

• We are excited about a cross functional group that came together in the workplace and realized that ensuring responsibility to each other was the key to their success.

• We are interested in failures so we can avoid them ourselves. We have plenty of our own mistakes to make, thank you!

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Austin DevOps has adopted the standard Conference Code of Conduct. This is a community and all will be treated with respect. We appreciate your cooperation up front.

--- Obligatory list of tools ---

Working with code? Care about how it gets from a developer workstation to producing money for your employer? DevOps.

You might be working with one or more of these:

Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Puppet, Terraform, etcd, ELK stack, Hashistack, Kubernetes ...

You might be consuming a services like:

AWS, TravisCI, Azure, Sumologic, New Relic, LogDNA, Papertrail, Data Dog, Shippable, Quay ...

Or you might be thinking:

How do I work more effectively to foster ownership of the desired outcome rather than my own individual productivity.

Upcoming events (1)

Technical Debt - an online DevOps Salon with Boyd Hemphill

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NOTE: This event has been rescheduled for October 13.

For Zoom access, you must RSVP at Eventbrite:

Join us for an evening of open discussion
with a topic presented by Boyd Hemphill.

The inspiration for this Austin DevOps Salon
came from a recent Linkedin post by Boyd Hemphill:

Technical debt is no worse than any other form of debt.

I chose to get a loan to buy a house. It was a great investment. I understood the terms and the cost of the loan. The company agreeing to the loan evaluated me for risk and ability to pay. They've made the money the contract called for. Conclusion: debt can be good.

I chose to assume some arch debt. I don't know the blast radius. I am unclear on downstream cost to maintainers. There is nobody agreeing to the notion that I am capable of taking on the debt in service to my company. Conclusion: some debts are bad.

The event date is subject to change. The event will be held over Zoom.

RSVP at Eventbrite is required for access.

We look forward to seeing you!


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