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Austin DevOps is a community of practitioners who strive to improve through sharing the experiences and expertise.

• We are excited about the local ops engineer who wants to show how they solved their technical problem.

• We are excited about a cross functional group that came together in the workplace and realized that ensuring responsibility to each other was the key to their success.

• We are interested in failures so we can avoid them ourselves. We have plenty of our own mistakes to make, thank you!

--- Code of Conduct ---

Austin DevOps has adopted the standard Conference Code of Conduct. This is a community and all will be treated with respect. We appreciate your cooperation up front.

--- Obligatory list of tools ---

Working with code? Care about how it gets from a developer workstation to producing money for your employer? DevOps.

You might be working with one or more of these:

Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Puppet, Terraform, etcd, ELK stack, Hashistack, Kubernetes ...

You might be consuming a services like:

AWS, TravisCI, Azure, Sumologic, New Relic, LogDNA, Papertrail, Data Dog, Shippable, Quay ...

Or you might be thinking:

How do I work more effectively to foster ownership of the desired outcome rather than my own individual productivity.

Upcoming events (2)

Kubernetes Workshop by JJ & CZ

Online event

# Title Getting started with Kubernetes is daunting. The sheer number of concepts to wrap your head around produces a steep learning curve that leaves even the most seasoned DevOp unsure he or she has accomplished the task of setting up a secure and performant cluster. Paul and JJ are going to walk us through the use of a cluster an lead us through the first 90 minutes of a workshop. They will then leave the cluster up for 24 hours for those who would like to continue the workshop as a self study. VMware is graciously providing the workshop environment for the first 50 attendees. This workshop environment will include all tooling (k8s cluster, kubectl, etc). As long as you can fire up a web browser, you can do the workshop. Otherwise you can follow along using your own k8s cluster ( minikube or kind should be fine). The workshop is loosely based of https://container.training with modifications to make it even simpler for you to follow along. # Presenters Paul Czarkowski has been a long time member of the Austin DevOps community and a constant contributor throughout our, now, 8 years of existence. He is currently at home traveling the world virtually spreading the joy of K8s for VMware. JJ Asghar is awesome. You can verify this by emailing [masked] and seeing who responds! JJ was with Chef software for many years spreading the good OpenStack word and building the amazing community of Chef. Today he is working at IBM to help companies understand Kubernetes and its ecosystem from the iron to the applications it schedules.

Dog Days of DevOps with Cloud Austin

Online event

NOTE THE DATE! We are *also* joining Cloud Austin this month for the bi-annual mega-meetup ignite extravaganza. Get over to Cloud Austin here: https://www.meetup.com/CloudAustin/events/pljpfrybclbxb/ and reserve your spot. While you are there consider proposing your own 5-min talk! You can use an ignite format or just do a lightning talk. IMPORTANT: If you want to participate or attend, you *must* go to the Cloud Austin event to do so. We won't be posting the Zoom room or the talk list here. --- From Cloud Austin: Well, usually we have summer doldrums but this year it's like the doldrums on crack. We're still meeting virtually, but we're going to have our annual Dog Days of DevOps meeting! It'll be online via zoom, look for the link once you RSVP! This is a special format where we have a bunch (12+) of 5 minute lightning talks! It's a great opportunity to give your first talk, or try out a topic you're considering for a larger talk, or whatever! All tech related topics are welcome, anyone can speak. Sign up in the comments below with your name and a short sentence about the talk (e.g. "Ernest Mueller - The DevOps Centipede, different forms of team organization to implement DevOps") and we'll put you on the list! Hard 5 minute limit, we have a timer and gong you at the end!

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