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Ask a Manager

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Ask a Manager


Patrick from QuickStart has offered to sponsor food for the evening, so there will be eats!

Cloud Austin will be our guests on this evening for a panel of managers.

During PayTalk we have had the following topics come up:

  • How to negotiate salary
  • How to ask for a raise
  • How to move into leadership

We are working to impanel some of the best hiring managers we know to discuss how managers actually go about interviewing, salary negotiation, and hiring? How do they arrange for mentoring? Is management for you? What does it take to move into management and what's the job really like? Ask a panel of experienced tech managers this and more!

Your Emcee for the evening is the incomparable Ernest Mueller, fearless leader of the DevOps Days Austin crew.

We will get names of panelists as they are confirmed.

Manijeh Noori, VP Eng, The Zebra

Manijeh transitioned into the tech industry just over 5 years ago. Her background in communications and project management have helped her bring a different perspective to her roles as Director, and now VP of Engineering at The Zebra.

Michael Scallan, VP Eng, Kasasa

Michael Scallan is VP of Product Development at Kasasa. With over 15 years in various leadership roles he has served on both the Product and Technology sides of service delivery. Having interviewed candidates for many different roles throughout his career, Michael is happy to offer his experiences to the panel discussion.

Marisa Sawatphadungkij, Enverus

Marisa is currently a Senior Manager for HR Operations at Enverus here in Austin. She has been in tech for many years and is now excited to bring DevOps concepts, culture, and values to not only the HR team but the organization. Collaboration, innovative solutions, communication, and process with the right people on the bus are the keys to success!

Boyd Hemphill, Dir Cloud Eng, Contrast Security

Boyd Hemphill is a DevOps raconteur in the silicon hills of Austin Texas. Boyd founded and organizes the Austin DevOps Meetup. He is part of the DevOps Days Austin Organizers team. In his professional life, Boyd has been a developer (PL/SQL, PHP), DBA (Oracle and MySQL), and system administrator as well as a Director and even a CTO. Today he is the Director of Cloud Infrastructure for Contrast Security making the internet just a bit safer.

Suchitra Hari, Sr. Engineering Manager, SailPoint Technologies

Suchitra manages engineering teams on SailPoint's SaaS based IGA product IdentityNow. She enjoys being at the intersection of people, technology and problem solving and strives to achieve operational excellence. At the meetup, she looks forward to sharing her experiences on career progression from individual contributor to a manager role, opportunities at SailPoint and what she looks for when hiring and growing her teams.

9001 N I H 35 #150 · Austin, TX