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What we’re about

Austin DFIR is an information security (or "cybersecurity") group focused on Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) in the Austin area. We are responders, forensics professionals, and blue teamers focused on defending networks, investigating and kicking the bad guys out of systems they shouldn't be in.

Event formats include Socials, Training, and Presentations depending on the event, the venue, and who is coordinating. If you are part of the DFIR community in Austin, you are encouraged to facilitate or host an event or help out where you can!

Socials are usually, but not exclusively, informal social gatherings over drinks. 

Training will be on a facilitated topic by a volunteer facilitator. Interactive participation is encouraged! These aren't SANS classes and facilitators aren't paid so quality will partly be a function of what you and the other participants bring to the table.  Trainings are technical in nature unless otherwise noted.

Presentations are prepared and delivered by members of our community or visiting experts. Lessons learned from incidents large and small, new trends, and emerging ideas in Incident Response all make great topics too. Topics are usually technical but don't have to be - presentations from legal, PR, management, and related fields are more than welcome!