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What we’re about

What is Austin Entrepreneurs?

The Austin Entrepreneurs Meetup Group exists to motivate and enhance successful business inititatives and ventures in Austin Texas. We are a community of entrepreneurs willing to share our stories. Our primary goal is to keep the local entrepreneur informed to their competitive advantage.

What Austin Entrepreneurs is NOT:

Our primary objective is not to create a marketplace for entrepreneurs to sell each other products or services but to provide with each other with useful information that will allow all of us to grow in our prospective fields. However, we do encourage trades and transactions that are a common result of such a community.

Our Mission:

Austin Entrepreneurs mission is to provide the Austin community of business owners and entrepreneurs with valuable insight regardless of where you find yourself (Discovery Phase, Growth, etc) in your endeavor(s).

Who may join?

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to connect with other entrepreneurs, this is definitely the group for you. Austin Entrepreneurs will make sure to keep you up-to-date on various social networking events that you might find fun and exciting! Join us today! Why wait another minute to start interacting with other Austin Entrepreneurs?