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What we’re about

Ready to clear away the chaos and find a new state of clarity?

Reset your mind and find clarity with an incredible new state of consciousness. Discover powerful techniques to take control of your thoughts and emotions, heal from trauma, and reprogram your brain. Become a master of stress management to experience peace and gratitude every day.

Negative thoughts bombard our minds, unleashing destruction in the form of stress hormones. Our bodies are strong, but not meant to endure a lifetime of intensity. It's true that stress can be deadly, wreaking havoc on our health. Research shows that ignoring it can lead to physical pain and serious illness.

Each of us has experienced the “monkey mind” at some point—that frenetic, restless energy that keeps your brain hopping from one thought to the next. Not only is this draining emotionally and physically, but it can also lead to anxiety, trouble sleeping, and an inability to stay focused.

You have the power to take charge of your life and gain control over your mind. If you want to take back control over your life’s stress, start by changing how you think. Situations don’t cause us distress, but our perception does. Although it may be initially challenging, with focused mental effort, life becomes more manageable as this new mindset becomes second nature.

This group is meant to continue to learn and support each other in our journey of personal development and inner transformation.

Embarking on this journey will unlock your limit­less potential:

  • Gain more control over thoughts.
  • Learn to process and regulate emotions.
  • Heal old traumas.
  • Handle everyday stress much better.
  • Manifest your dreams.
  • Strengthen spiritual connection.
  • Experience the peaceful and grateful life you want.

We talk about a large variety of topics and have regular monthly events in person and online.

Check out the upcoming events page and resources posted on the discussion board.

I share valuable information and exercises that will give you the knowledge and tools you need to obtain real positive change in your life.

You’ll learn effective methods and techniques to calm your mind and body and have more control over your thoughts and regulate your feelings. This alone is life transforming! Can you imagine? Being able to have that kind control over your mind and body? YES... it is possible.

The key to success is understand this is a lifetime process. It's brain training. Just like you train your body with physical exercise. You are reprogramming your mind to unlearn conditioned beliefs and responses you have inherited from your family and culture and replacing them with YOUR belief system. It just takes education, awareness and practice. Just like working out. You don't take a magic pill to become fit, you train.

Living more mindfully you will achieve more emotional balance and healing to feel more relaxed, content, grateful and peaceful, not to mention getting the life you want and deserve!

Some areas of discussion are:

  • Holotropic breathwork and Sound Healing
  • Techniques for processing difficult emotions and healing
  • Effective ways to manage anxiety and stress
  • Learn ways to calm your mind
  • Healing in a toxic culture
  • Our relationship with technology
  • Cultivating self love
  • Forgiveness
  • Meditation styles and ways to use meditation for anxiety, depression, sleep, focus, energy, etc..

I'm very excited to meet you all!

Namaste :)
Michele Schalin