Metaprogramming Magic + Jekyll-Indieweb and Friends (doors open 6:30PM)

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The last meetup of the year, and your last chance to get your Ruby fix before the holidays.

Metaprogramming Magic - Amanda Chang

Metaprogramming is "writing code that writes code" – but what does that mean? In this talk, we’ll use metaprogramming techniques to reimplement some common Ruby tools and then look at how we can use metaprogramming to design libraries in Ruby.

Amanda is a full-stack developer at RigUp, a software platform for the oil & gas industry. She’s a proud graduate of the Flatiron School in New York and a supporter of coding bootcamps. Outside of work, you’ll find her playing ultimate frisbee or doing improv at the Hideout Theatre. But she would never bring comedy into her technical talk. Ruby is serious business, y’all.

Jekyll-Indieweb and Friends - Tom Brown

Jekyll is a simple blogging platform written in ruby. Indieweb is a people-focused alternative to the "corporate web" which makes it possible to talk to each other online even when we're on different sites and platforms. In this talk, Tom will describe how to use the jekyll-indieweb project and how the pieces like micropub, webmention and indieauth fit together to allow common social tasks like favorites and replying to posts. We'll also look at projects that are compatible with jekyll like We can continue the conversation at Indiewebcamp Austin the weekend of Dec. 9-10.

Tom Brown is an open source software developer interested in digital identity, and he often attends Internet Identity Workshop and more recently IndiewebCamps. Tom has added open standards related to identity to several popular software projects. He can be found online as herestomwiththeweather.

Thank you to Capital Factory for sponsoring the space and Tom Brown for sponsoring food.