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He wrapped ncurses in Ruby... then THIS happened! - Hal Fulton

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He wrapped ncurses in Ruby... then THIS happened! - Hal Fulton


# About the Talk

On one extreme is the raw command line-- on the other, the GUI or web interface.
But in between is… curses! It works over an ssh session (or telnet/whatever).
It gets you full-screen text mode, including windows, cursor control, colors,
function and arrow keys, text fields, menus, mouse control, and more.
Traditionally C-based and very painful, it has been "wrapped" many times in various
languages. RubyText is an ongoing project aiming to be the best and easiest
curses wrapper. It's not completely full-featured yet, but it's worth using.
Come and see!

# About the Speaker

Hal Fulton is the author of The Ruby Way, now in its third edition. He is working on a book Elixir for the Rubyist, which should be released in 2019. He has two degrees in computer science and more than 20 years in the industry, including a few years of teaching. His short stories have been rejected by some of the finest magazines in the country. On rare occasions he plays chess and piano, both incredibly badly. He spends his spare time putting Slinkys on escalators and passing counterfeit bills to tourists.

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