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Meet other local people interested in scuba diving, share local and exotic scuba trip adventures, plan local and exotic trips.

Austin Scuba Meetup is now one year old! It's been a good year. We have all met new divers and made new friends. Some of us have gone on trips together and others have met folks to dive our own Lake Travis. We have managed to collect a great bunch of interesting people, divers and non-divers alike!

Our second year promises to be even better! We have combined our group with Michelle's "Are You 4 Scuba". And Michelle has been awarded the title of "Trip Organizer." Michelle has planned some awesome trips for 2009 which are now available on our Meetup site! Other divers are planning their own trips and are welcome send me the details to send out and/or post on the message board.

We will have monthly meetings scheduled throughout the year, as well as other events.

Pool Parties at Thom Dutton's home
Lake dives at our own Lake Travis
Dives to place new "GeoCaches"
Pot Luck dinners at Mark's home
A tour of Austin's new recompression chamber
Aquarena Springs dive
Barton Springs dive
Lake Travis underwater cleanup

Remember this is OUR group.

Looking forward to kicking off a wonderful new year for all of us!

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Anyone up for diving Mondays and/or Wednesdays?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Rumor has it that it's warmer in the water that out

Dive the Lulu - Gulf Shores - Pensacola
Needs a date and time

Needs a location


weekend drive 'n' dive, late May.

The Lulu is a new wreck off the Florida Panhandle Gulf Shores. She is relatively shallow and a good Recreational Dive.

Bull Shark diving @ Playa del Carmen
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Certified Open Water required!

Hi guys, I would like to organize a part extreme dive part relax and maybe some night life. Let's say 4 nights.

Bull Shark diving has been yet the best diving experience for me, while we are at it, we can also go cave diving right there at the top. Sharks get to Playa del Carmen mid November and they stay there till March, I personally think either beginning of December or Mid January to Mid February would be great dates. I really wouldn't do more than 2 dives 4 immersions, but you can go crazy and stay longer if you want to. Prices are very fair! Ill help out with logistics. Let me know if anyone is interested and we can set up a date.

Needs a date and time

Balmorhea State Park

Looking for a partner or group to go with in the next couple of week or less.

Website (http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/balmorhea)

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Lake Travis? A cool trip somewhere?

Mangia Pizza - North Austin

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