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Shamanic learning is experiential. Only when you have experience do you really have intelligent questions and insights based on a direct encounter with reality. In the West, however, we emphasize talking and explaining first; then maybe have an experience that validates what we decide is real.

This group is about learning and experiencing the powerful potential of shamanic techniques and rituals that can be practiced in everyday life. We encourage you to join us, to experience shamanic practice first-hand, and then to test what you learn in your everyday life. This is the way to incorporate spirit guidance and wisdom.

The group meets several times a month for drum journeys, trance practices, workshops, and retreats. This group does not use or advocate the use of psychogenic substances.

The core of this group has been meeting regularly since 2003, but everyone of all experience levels is welcome. As an established group, our circles are supportive, high-energy, and often astounding in content.

We meet weekly for explorations in shamanic journeying, healing ritual, music and movement, and other practices. There is something happening every week! Membership in this group is free. We do ask for a contribution of $10 per person to cover time and space rental for meetings.

Learn more on our website: http://www.shamaniccommunityaustin.com

An Important Note About Teacher Plants and Other Substances
As expressed above, this group does not advocate the use of psychogenic substances in any of our events. The reason for this is that the journey work we do is inherently trance-inducing and may be harmful to the person under the influence of such substances. In addition, such use generally is disruptive to the energy of the circle, as well as distracting to other participants.

Therefore, if someone attends any event under the influence of mind-altering drugs or other substances, they will be asked to leave. Repeated violations may result in the person being banned from the group.

Upcoming events (4+)

[Online] Community Discussion and Journey

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Shamanic Discussion and Journey
~ Gerry Starnes, M.Ed. (Falcon)
~ Stephanie Reynolds (Butterfly)
~ Karen Wohl

These Zoom gatherings are discussions around topics of community interest. Everyone has an opportunity to speak, to share, and to learn. You are also invited to suggest topics of interest to you!

This event is free, but if you would like to contribute to help us cover community costs, please use this link. We all greatly appreciate it!

At the end of the discussion, we have a 10-minute journey, usually around the topic though not necessarily. We will begin promptly at 8:00. Please arrive early. The door will be closed at 8:05.

The schedule is:

  1. 40-50 minute discussion,
  2. a short break, then
  3. an optional 10 minute journey.
    Attendance to the journey is optional. You can certainly bow out at the break, if you want to. The intention of the journey can be either individual or based on the prior discussion.


Thank you! And see you soon!

Gerry, Stephanie, Karen

Flute Healing Journey: Transition

Flow Yoga Westgate

Journey through the sounds of flute, song and drum w/ Nate Long “Owl” for an evening of healing and meditation. A unique, soothing, sound healing ceremony with a melody created to soothe the soul.

Transition: Stepping into something new is both nerve-racking and rewarding. You will Journey to find a firm footing and balance as you take this step.

Please join me for this special event at Flow Yoga Westgate, 4477 Lamar Bvvd, Austin, Texas.
Google map link: https://g.page/flow-yoga-westgate?share

We will begin at 2:00pm sharp, so plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Please send your contribution (floating $15-$25) via Venmo, Paypal or you can contribute at the door. Please add "Flute Journey" to comments when paying online.
Venmo Link
Paypal Link

For more information on this Journey and the Healing Hands song, please visit http://blueeyeart.com/2020/12/flute-healing-journey-2/

This class is a "Friends of the Shamanic Community of Austin" event, facilitated by an SCA Elder Council member. Events of this nature are posted to offer more opportunities for members of the SCA community.

Community Healing Circle

Flow Yoga Westgate

Treat yourself, or a loved one, to a special, early Holiday gift and experience the art of healing!Come and join us for an evening of relaxation and rejuvenation with one of Austin’s most unique, alternative healing events! 💆

Loving healers will offer modalities of:

> Acupuncture
> Massage
> Reiki
> Energy work
> Intuitive Readings
> Pranic Healing & more!


Entry grants access into our beautiful space + one 25-minute session with a practitioner of your choice!Sliding scale donation of $25-$35 + suggested donation for multiple sessions.Your contribution goes toward our year-round fundraiser for several local charities.

This event is a "Friends of the Shamanic Community of Austin" event, sponsored by the Community Healing Circle. Events of this nature are pre-approved and posted to offer more opportunities for members of the SCA community. More information is available at:

Ritual Trance Dance

Flow Yoga Westgate


"Go deeper in the darkness." Ecstatic blindfolded movement practice offered by Gerry Starnes, M.Ed., a trained and certified facilitator.

For more information and to register, go to www.TranceDance-Austin.com. This event is offered on the first Saturday of each month.

Trance Dance is a "Friends of the Shamanic Community of Austin" event sponsored by Gerry Starnes, an SCA Council member. Events of this nature are posted to offer more opportunities for members of the SCA community.

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Bringing Balance to the World at Flow Yoga Westgate

Flow Yoga Westgate


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