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What we’re about

This Group is designed for anyone interested in living a more Authentic Life with a deeper focus on how to create from their own uniqueness a path that leads to the truest form of freedom by accepting fully who they are at a Soul level. We encourage listening to the callings of our Soul, as well as the guidance of the Universe/Source/Spirit that vibrates within us all in order to understand more fully what it is we need to express; what needs to be healed; open ourselves up to creating all we are called to BE; and how we can be of greater service to mankind by simply being our Authentic Self.

It is through this process of unfoldment that we will begin to recognize more profoundly our Divine Connection to all human beings and all of Life, and therefore become more Compassionate, Understanding and Tolerant of ourselves and others alike. When we master being who we are Authentically, we will become a more powerful force for change in our own life and in a world that continues to evolve in consciousness. We are in this magnificent journey together. We are here to remember our Soul's Journey. Namaste.