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What we’re about

"As human beings, going beyond faith, church, law, Jesus, God, and time means that it leaves us nothing to hang on to: so where are we? We are about to jump off the cliff. We many have free will, but at this point in our evolution we do not have free choice. We will either jump off the cliff into a life lived by faith in ourselves just as we are, or we will be pushed off the cliff. To jump off the cliff means to let go of all the mental and physical things or people that we have been holding on to. We have to let go of all our old concepts, all our pet theories, all our mind stuff, as well as all of those co-dependent personal relationships we are anchored to. In order for us to move into a conscious realization that two parallel worlds exist - the world of spiritual beingness and the world of material sense - we have to jump off the cliff." --Walter Starcke

If this resonants with you please join our community. We will focus on living in conscious awareness of the I Am and the human. Exploring the integration of these and other aspects of ourselves.

This is the group formerly known as NW Celebrations - Join us as we move into a new direction.