What we're about

Anyone willing to give a thoughtful, honest, yet respectful, critique is welcome. Many topics, genres and forms are welcome (Ex. chapter of a novel, short story, play, poem, article, essay, etc.). While publishing is a worthy goal, the focus of this group is helping writers fine tune works, which either have literary value or are otherwise substantive (i.e. scholarly). All such works are welcome.

Those concerned with poverty, and / or human and animal rights and welfare, and similar issues (i.e. social justice), are especially encouraged. The works critiqued, in this group, are generally by dedicated, serious writers, though all writers are welcome. Those who are dedicated to the creation of a worthwhile piece of writing, or to the pursuit of publishing, will benefit from this group. However, all members are welcome to share work, for critique. The way in which our group operates is flexible, and may change, based on the will and interests of its members.

At our meetings, writers share a piece of their work, and the people at the meeting share their thoughts (in discussion and / or (optionally) writing). The way writing is shared and critiqued is flexible, and may change, based on the preferences of the group. It is best to read the details of each meeting. However, there are some common features.

One option for sharing work is posting online. This allows people to think about the piece, during the time between meetings, and hopefully give a better critique. Members may add, edit, or delete their own piece, whenever they want. You can go to the link below, to post your own work (please indicate the meeting at which you want the work critiqued). Also, you can view the work of other members (some are only viewable by members who are logged in):


Additionally, work can be read aloud. Some meetings provide other options as well.

In addition to regular writing critique meetings, we may host or participate in other writing related activities (i.e. collaborative writing sessions, writing workshops, readings, discussions and more.) These may be scheduled by member request. Please discuss ideas for this on the Message Board.

Feel free to email about any questions or suggestions.

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