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What we’re about

An #auxiliawoman believes the future needs diverse ideas.

Our society must nurture innovation from a larger representation of society. With women making up 50% of the world's population, it is horrifying that more than 87% of EU startup funding went to all-male founding teams and only 15% of all VC General Partners are women.

Auxilia exists as a place for Women who are Founders, are interested in Founding/co-founding, or want to join early-stage teams as well as women who are Investors or are interested in becoming investors.

Targeted at women with 4yrs + of professional experience we will discuss, debate and connect with the purpose of increasing awareness and funding for female-founded, tech-enabled businesses. The Group will also consist of Women in positions to fund/advise/support.

Reasons to come to our meetups:

- Meet like-minded women with a desire to do/be/impact more in their desired field
- Meet potential cofounders or early-stage companies looking to hire a talented team
- Hear others' experiences of the entrepreneur world

With love,