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A community of Concerned Citizens interested in sharpening their Survival Skills while we research, prepare, acquire, cultivate and Homestead a property to secure our future. It does not happen all at once, but one step at a time.

This group knows no geographical boundaries. Although we are a core group of local Survivalists, the group welcomes ALL those interested in the fundamental core believe in obtaining a Homestead in the near future, whether you are local or at a distance. Along the way, the group will grow and learn together vital skills that each of us can contribute to the group as a whole. There is a common theme of being more of a Survivalist in our group, but all are welcome! We'll become better prepared through educating one another on skills such as Urban & Wilderness Survival Training, - Earthquake Preparedness, - Natural Disaster Relief, - Self Defense, - Food Storage & Canning Preparation, - Gardening & Permaculture, - Emergency Survival Bug Out Bag "BOB" preparation, - Fire Arms training, - Map Orienteering & Navigation, - Ham Radio, and more!

None of us pretend know it all individually, that is why a group such as this is vital for our survival as individuals, families, and a community. We all contribute our knowledge and experience with the group as a whole, while we learn and grow together along the way.

A few guidelines if you choose to join us:

1. We are here to learn and to build relationships. Although our ultimate end goal is to cultivate land for a Homestead, a friend taught me that our focus MUST be about relationships! We can't thrive as a community without the relationships we build. Our focus is to come together as a core active group, building bonds and friendships of trust working towards a common goal of a secure, thriving Homestead Community. Each member may have a slightly different reason for joining the group, but the end result should still be the same. We try not to bring religion or politics into our group. We ask members to remember the main focus of the group and be respectful of others.

2. We don’t worry, we prepare! Although we are planning for the worst, we “expect the best”. We maintain a positive attitude, no matter what we feel may be coming down the pike. We focus on being prepared for many different possible scenarios and not dwelling on one particular event that might occur. Also, if your sole interest is in forming a militia, or shooting post-apocalyptic zombies, this is probably not the group for you.

3. We come together with a common bond. Although our core group started as a Survival Group located in Ventura/LA Counties, we have broadened to more of a National Group. We do not create any geographical limitations, so long as you have the resources to be active and make your way out here on occasion.

4. We want active members, not looky-loos. We not only encourage you to be active, we require it. We won't have to worry about whether you're active or not, because you'll have skin in the game and have a vested interest in seeing the group succeed.

5. Our areas of interest is focused, but is maturing. Although our primary focus is geared towards an eventual Homestead Property Community, we realized we need to learn all the skills necessary to see that goal become a reality. We will meet to hold discussions on such subjects as Food/Water needs, Energy, Shelter, Health, Communications, Security, Bugging Out, and General Preparedness. I will not be the sole educator or presenter at our meetup events. I need the contribution of all of our members to see our group succeed.

6. We are always looking for great leaders to added to our leadership team. It is our best interest to have strong leaders who are willing to take that extra step and be held with greater accountability and to a higher standard. If you have what it takes to lead, we welcome your voice and your skill sets!

We look forward to meeting you! http://photos2.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/d/6/6/2/event_102294882.jpeg

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