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What we’re about

Our aim is to balance the public conversation about psychedelics, spread accurate information, and give a new face to psychedelia. We feel that this change will occur through connection and relationship, one individual at a time. We are calling on everyone whose lives have been improved through the mindful use of psychedelics to educate themselves and become ambassadors for the psychedelic experience. Show those around you that people who use psychedelics mindfully cross all social, racial, economic, and political boundaries.

The Aware Project organizes events in Los Angeles to educate and connect the psychedelic community. Currently we are running a monthly speaker series called the Psychedelic Awareness Salon and screening psychedelic related documentaries and movies. You can find out about upcoming events here:

The event schedule is typically: speaker/movie followed by questions and then mingling time

Find us online ( or on Facebook (

We do NOT hold ceremonies nor do we connect people with any illegal substances or providers. Please do NOT contact us seeking these things. We are education and risk reduction ONLY!

PSA: occasionally people post ayahusaca ceremonies on Meetup. These are illegal and please be very careful. We cannot connect you to any providers but we are happy to help you know what kinds of questions you should be asking of anyone that you might want to sit with here or abroad from a risk reduction standpoint. Be safe everyone.