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Making Awesome Things Happen!
Networking/ Dinner (optional) I. Introductions & Overview (6:30) A. Introductions - Each member will introduce yourself briefly, tell us what you do professionally (or otherwise), describe an 'awesome thing' you want to see happening, and a recent success. B. Challenges Forum - What has you 'stuck'? We'll give a few minutes to have the group help each member with solutions to challenges we may be facing currently with life or work circumstances. These are specific challenges and only one challenge per member for time's sake. II. Discussion Topic: Formal launch in January (7:15 - 7:40) Our purpose for establishing the Making Awesome Things Happen! community is that we can help each other make progress toward an 'awesome thing' we want to see happening. Our meetings and events provide an opportunity for people to apply what we're learning together. • What topics do you see as the top priority for our community? • What projects should we work on together? III: Resource Sharing (7:40): This is where everyone can offer a book title, recent blog or magazine article, tip/trick/hack, tool, service or item that has helped them in their life. Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy ( We don't have to launch a social movement, we can be contributing to the effort as followers. It's the courageous followers and early adopters who ensure success. Unstuck ( An awesome blog offering advice on dealing with challenges. They also have an App. Deep Existence ( The blog of Stephen Wise, author of Mini Habits and How to be an Imperfectionist IV. Announcements / Closing Remarks (7:50 PM) Upcoming meetups, events, and programs announcements. Making Awesome Things Happen! Meetups will be on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month, 6:00 - 8:00pm. Our primary/preferred location for these core monthly meetings will be Vie de France at Capital Gallery (this venue was not available for our November meeting). Alternative locations will be 'Metro convenient'.

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As we get started, here are some questions to consider:

Making Awesome Thing Happen!

• Who inspires you?
• What awesome things inspire you?
• What awesome things are you trying to do?
• How can we be catalysts? (helping make awesome things happen more successfully and rapidly)

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