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What we’re about

ANUG - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Nigeria Group
A meetup group to create a community of all those interested in Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Nigeria.
Whether you just started getting familiar with AWS, are in the process of education and certification, are working on Enterprise projects using AWS infrastructure, or want to learn more about the advantages of using AWS, you're all most welcome to join our group. All abilities are welcome!
We are organizing this group because we are passionate about AWS and the cloud.
The primary intent of this group is education. All presentations will be educational in scope.
It's worth pointing out that if you have any challenges with AWS and need assistance as you can't find any solution on the internet, rest assured that the leaders and members of this group will be eager to help you.
All you need to do is to share your experience with one of our group's meetups.

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Thanks for joining the group
Twitter: @aws_nigeria

AWS Overview knowledge base - Recorded Webinar
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• The recorded session
(note: skip the first 5mins of the recording due to missing audio at the beginning of the recording)