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*** Please DO NOT RSVP here instead fill up this form https://forms.gle/ZURU45o5tUCHPcATA to help us plan for better logistics *** Talk -1 Title: Introducing Dgraph and tips and tricks for running your own distributed database on EKS Abstract: Dgraph is an open-source, transactional, distributed, native Graph database. Dgraph is optimized for high-performance reads and writes. It can serve queries and mutations with low latency and high throughput, even when they involve deep joins and traversals. We all know about Kubernetes, the favourite container orchestration platform for most developers. Running stateless services on K8's is by far the most popular use case for K8's, and there's a mixed opinion for using it for deploying and managing your databases. In my talk, I attempt to clear the cloud around running, scaling and managing a distributed database on Kubernetes using Dgraph as an example. Enjoy the tricks, tips and secret recipes for a distributed DB's while learning about the features of the most advanced Graph Database in the market. Bio: Karthic works as a Developer Advocate at Dgraph Labs during the day and is a musician by evening. With over five years of contributions to developing infrastructure tools in Open source Go, he has the unique distinction of contributing to a web server in Go (Caddyserver), a distributed object storage in Go (Minio.io) and now a distributed database written in Go. He is an avid speaker and writer, he has presented talks across the globe and has over 275+ tech blogs under his arsenal. He is also a Google Developer Expert in Machine learning and co-organizer of GraphQL Bangalore and CNCF's Kubernetes India Data Management Meetups. Talk - 2: TBA

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