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A bunch of passionate Amazon Web Services (aka AWS) {Developers, Architects, Users, Evangelists} who meet to {share best practices, discuss up coming features, pit falls, etc}

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0 to 100 with GraphQL on React

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RSVP here: **** To RSVP please enter the required details https://forms.gle/nRheE6Jv2amfLTaK8 **** Developers interested in GraphQL can come to this workshop and learn how to build full-fledged and full stack React apps with GraphQL using an open source stack. Unlike your typical GraphQL workshop, this one will also take you through taking care of the backend to fully understand how a Fullstack GraphQL project works, thanks to the open source Hasura GraphQL Engine that will be used though, you won’t be spending too much time either writing server code and will be able to focus on your React app. We’ll be covering the following topics: * GraphQL basics * Set up a GraphQL backend with Hasura * Using GraphiQL to explore and test your GraphQL API * Making your IDE (Atom/VsCode) ready for GraphQL with autocomplete and linting * Setting up a GraphQL client with Apollo * Fetching and rendering data in your react app with GraphQL queries * Inserting data with GraphQL mutations * Updating, deleting data with GraphQL mutations * Realtime GraphQL I - Building a realtime UI with live-queries over GraphQL subscriptions * Realtime GraphQL II - Reacting to events with GraphQL subscriptions * Setup authentication and access control to secure your GraphQL APIs Bonus content: Running complex business logic with serverless and capturing asynchronous output with GraphQL subscriptions By the end of the workshop, developers will have increased their knowledge & will be able to build out full-fledged and full-stack web applications by using their existing React and JavaScript skill set with easy to use open source serverless backend and database

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BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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