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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Chennai Users Group.

Join us in discussing the latest in Cloud Technology and network with experts in the field. We gather people working with lots of different technologies that take advantage of cloud solutions.

Who Should Join: Anyone interested in AWS Cloud, Cloud computing discussions & Networking

This groups mission is to share your experience on AWS and learn the best practices from each other.

Values: 1. Share professional skills with others 2. Educate and be educated on AWS best practices
Our Objective: 1. Bring professionals together to learn from each other

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Reinforcement Learning: Applications in Deep Racer and AWS Sagemaker

This is a mini-workshop where Reinforcement Learning (a subset of Machine Learning) would be covered along with its application in AWS Deep Racer and AWS Sagemaker. Agenda: ---------------------------------------------------------- - Opening slides — Speakers Introduction - DR video - Introduction to AWS DeepRacer - Introduction to RL - Markov Decision Process - Deep Dive into AWS DeepRacer Component - Garage + Action Spaces - Building Your First Model - Reward Function + Parameters - Training and Evaluation - Hyperparameters - Reinforcement Learning on Amazon Sagemaker - Closing ====================================================================== Speakers: 1. Suman Debnath: Principal Developer Advocate, AWS 2. Donnie Prakoso: Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

AWS for .Net Developer & Securely managing database connections via RDS Proxy

Agenda ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 05:00 PM - 05:10 PM: Welcome Notes - 05:10 PM - 06:00 PM: Securely managing Database connections via RDS Proxy by Vimal Paliwal, AWS authorised instructor - 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM: AWS Cloud for .NET Developers by Amit Jha, Developer Advocate / Sr. Solution Architect, AWS Talk 1: Securely managing database connections via RDS Proxy Speaker: Vimal Paliwal, AWS authorized instructor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talk Abstract: - Overview about RDS - Understanding RDS Proxy - Demo Speaker Bio: Vimal is a DevOps Engineer at Modus Create and an AWS Authorised Trainer. He has over 4 years of professional experience during which he has worked on AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, Python, Shell etc. He loves automation and is always looking to automate whatever he can so that he can sit back and relax for a while. Moreover, he also writes technical blogs and creates videos during his free time. You can follow his work on: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paliwalvimal/ YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCeeJwbuN9q5Fx0y47XK3hcA Medium: https://vimalpaliwal.medium.com/ GitHub: https://github.com/paliwalvimal, https://github.com/terrablocks ===================================================================== Talk 2: AWS Cloud for .NET Developers Speaker: Amit Jha, Developer Advocate / Sr. Solution Architect, AWS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talk Abstract: - This session is targeted for .Net & Microsoft developers/architects/development leads who are exploring/building .NET applications on AWS. Learn .NET on AWS tools and .NET integration story for several AWS Services (Lambda, EC2, Containers etc.). - Understand typical .NET Apps migration & modernization journey on AWS and also learn about the DevSecOps tools/services. Lastly, learn about how other customers are innovating further by leveraging AWS Platform features & Services in their .NET Applications Speaker Bio: Amit works as Developer Advocate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and has 20+ years of Industry experience. In his current role, Amit focuses on architecting on AWS, optimizing AWS environments and helping customers & partners with cloud adoption with special focus on Microsoft/.NET workloads. Prior to his current role, he served numerous roles at Microsoft for 11+ years helping large enterprise (Several Industry Verticals) with Cloud/Software architecture and development consulting. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amitjhanyc/

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