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Are you interested in philosophy, spirituality, comparative religion/mythology or the history of ideas not just out of fascination, but the potential to enhance well-being?

Ever wondered too how they might provide personal and transformational insights with further reaching consequences?

Meeting regularly in Perth, this group takes a historical approach to psycho-spiritual and cognitive development by promoting the re-application of ancient wisdom from the Axial Age sages and traditions, so that they can be integrated into our present and future world.

“Surely a study of this distant period can only be an exercise in spiritual archaeology, when what we need is to create a more innovative faith that reflects the realities of our own world. Yet, in fact, we have never surpassed the insights of the Axial Age. In times of spiritual or social crisis, men and woman have constantly turned back to this period for guidance.”
- The Great Transformation, 2006, Karen Armstrong (scholar of comparative religion)
“I believe only by recalling deeper sources of the present world and world view can we hope to gain the self-understanding necessary for dealing with our current dilemmas.”

"Today the Western Mind appears to be undergoing an epochal transformation, perhaps comparable to any in our civilisation's history. I believe we can participate intelligently in that transformation only to the extent to which we are historically informed.
- The Passion of the Western Mind, 1991, Richard Tarnas (cultural historian)

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Epictetus and Stoic Therapy of Desire

Fuse Bar

In this meetup we will be learning about and discussing Epictetus's Discipline of Desire, which consists of the acceptance of reality and understanding what we can and can't control as a practice for the cultivation of wisdom and therapy for emotional pathology.

You can read a very short article here with some Epictetus quotes:

If you don't know anything about Stoicism you might wish to read some introductory articles which you will have no trouble finding with a basic google search. So sorry but based on past experiences very often the whole night gets chewed up explaining Stoicism 101 for the new people who never come back which means the group never gets away.

Please come with a genuine interest in the topic.

The discussion will begin at 7:15
There is free parking available.
Food is available.

Philosophical Spiritual Exercises - Contemplation of Death

Needs a location

[PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is in the early stages of planning and details will be updated]

"In Western culture, most people are afraid to think or talk about death. Death has become a symbolic hypothesis that no one discusses until the time comes. But what if I told you that death in itself is not scary? What if I told you that thinking about it could make you live a happier life?
Living in a death-denying culture is challenging to say the least. Fear of the unknown is not beneficial to life itself; however, embracing the unknown is."*

This event is part III in a series of workshops about philosophical spiritual exercises.

Enjoy a presentation followed by a discussion about the significance of living with an awareness of death's inevitability for spiritual development and psychological health and maturity from the perspective of four different philosophic traditions which will include Stoicism, Platonism, Buddhism and Existentialism.

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* https://buddhaweekly.com/why-contemplating-death-can-help-you-live-happier-5-ways-meditation-on-death-can-be-life-changing/

Image Art:
Prince Siddartha encounters the four sites, one of which was death. This milestone triggered his mission to seek Enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings that led to his Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree.

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