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What we’re about


We collaborate with plants that facilitate the exploration of our purpose, healing, and true selves. Our collective mission is to reclaim inner strength, embrace life to the fullest, and attain inner peace. Our unity is centered around aiding your journey of healing while also translating the insights gained from these plants into actionable wisdom for our everyday lives. These revered sacraments, with a history spanning millennia and employed by Amazonian tribes, are a testament to their profound significance.

Through these teachers, transformative life changes are catalyzed—for you and those around you. Guided by our visionary founder, Jarvis Park, our purpose is to establish a nexus of like-minded individuals who contribute their enlightenment to this voyage of spiritual awakening. Each of us possesses a distinct, invaluable offering; our individual visions meld into the tapestry of the ceremonial and life circles. Transparency reigns on the path of enlightenment; truth is our shared treasure.

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Hey there :)
We're a community for those who want to grow spiritually, mentally and physically through sacred plants. Ceremonies are held in safe spaces with natural medicines. This is the time for you to experience an awakening!

Join us for ceremonies that will bring profound changes to your daily life

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Our mission to create this space is to have people feel loved and we intend to continue Jarvis' mission going forward. He created this group for those who seek healing and love. We believe everyone is their own healer. We don't push doctrine. We encourage people to explore who they are and we will support you on that journey. Thank you for your trust in us. We will continue to bring affordable​ care to those who need it. Life goes on, love goes on.

Join us…