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What we’re about

The AZ Founders Guild is Arizona's only peer-to-peer mentoring community exclusively for founders.

You’ve got a startup or an idea for a startup. And that says something. It says you are committed and tenacious. It says you’re an expert in your domain. Maybe even in more than one domain. You are an expert. You have skills and experience that will help other entrepreneurs in their journey. But you need help.

Traditional incubators are great but they aren’t built for people like you.

* Expensive: Not everyone can afford the tuition
* Rigid: They take you through a process that covers areas you may not need
* Myopic: The same people guide you through the same process, lacking diversity

* Cost: Quid Pro Quo
* Flexibility: Just learn what you need to learn from people who’ve been there
* Diversity: Range of talented professionals, not just a few identified leaders

What makes AZ Founders Guild different?

It is the incubator solution for brilliant, ambitious, and talented entrepreneurs like you. AZ Founders Guild is a free incubator where members mentor members. The Guild meets once a month and is self-organized by its members. For every 30 minutes you mentor someone, you get 30 minutes of mentoring with any other member. Or take a seat at the ongoing roundtables (or start your own roundtable topic) to get multiple perspectives from people in the trenches like you. Never sit through a class you don’t need or hear a presentation about what you have done for the last ten years.

Everyone has something to teach. Everyone has something to learn. Join the Guild, join your tribe, and change the way startups startup.