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⚡️ The Innov8: Speaker Series (https://uto.asu.edu/events/Innov8) is devoted to spreading ideas and sharing knowledge through short, powerful tech-driven talks (1 hour). We welcome people from across various disciplines and seek to create a culture of like-minded collaboration.

The Innov8 sessions will be held monthly and will feature knowledge from some of the world's most inspired thinkers. The goal is to create a community of curious thinkers to engage with each other. To further facilitate collaboration, each session will feature a 1 hour mixer after the speaking session.

The sessions are open to anyone with an interest in the topics being discussed, including startups, students, teachers, tinkerers, geeks, and other creative innovators.

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B2B Process Automation: Using the Public Mainnet as a Common Frame of Reference

The Baseline Protocol is an approach to using the public Mainnet as a common frame of reference between different systems, including traditional corporate systems of record, any kind of database or state machine, and even different blockchains or DLTs. It is particularly promising as a way to reduce capital expense and other overheads while increasing operational integrity when automating business processes across multiple companies.

The approach is designed to appeal to security and performance-minded technology officers

John Wolpert serves as ConsenSys Group Executive for Enterprise Mainnet, delivering products, services and leadership to enterprises that use the public Ethereum Mainnet to conduct business. John is co-founder and steering committee chair of the Baseline Protocol, an initiative of the open standards body,OASIS.

Prior to joining ConsenSys, John was the global product executive for IBM Blockchain, with previous leadership roles serving Watson, IBM Cloud, Extreme Blue, alphaWorks and the Internet Division.

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Overcoming the Privacy Restraints for Future IoT services

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