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⚡️ The Innov8: Speaker Series (https://uto.asu.edu/events/Innov8) is devoted to spreading ideas and sharing knowledge through short, powerful tech-driven talks (1 hour). We welcome people from across various disciplines and seek to create a culture of like-minded collaboration.

The Innov8 sessions will be held monthly and will feature knowledge from some of the world's most inspired thinkers. The goal is to create a community of curious thinkers to engage with each other. To further facilitate collaboration, each session will feature a 1 hour mixer after the speaking session.

The sessions are open to anyone with an interest in the topics being discussed, including startups, students, teachers, tinkerers, geeks, and other creative innovators.

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The Future of Robotics: Automation vs. Augmentation

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November Innov8 Talk - Dr. Nashlie Sephus

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Cisco's Advisory CISO Helen Patton

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