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Azure User Group Sweden is an independent local and remote Meetup Azure users group in Sweden.

We are a user group for Azure technologies. We are open to all software developers, software engineers, cloud architects, tech and cloud enthusiast in Sweden or remote. The purpose of our user group is to unite everyone who wants to learn more about development in Microsoft Azure, cloud, AI, ML, and other modern technologies.

The user group organizes technical sessions related to cloud, Microsoft Azure and software engineering, etc. on a bi-Weekly or once a month schedule.

We welcome all interested developers and speakers who wants to share and discuss their knowledge with others publicly.

All of our events are FREE.

Our motto is "For the community by the community!"

Feel free to submit your ideas for sessions via group's CFP page below:

Azure User Group Sundsvall Sweden ( Meetup - Call for Speakers 2021) : Call for Speakers/Papers @ Sessionize.com (https://sessionize.com/azure-user-group-sundsvall-sweden-cfp-2021)


Please read user group's Code of Conduct (https://github.com/azureusergroupsundsvallsweden/code-of-conduct.md)

Join us and let's learn together!

Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/azureusergroupsundsvallsverige Twitter: https://twitter.com/azugsweden


Jonah Andersson (https://twitter.com/cjkodare) Håkan Silfvernagel (https://twitter.com/agrevlis)

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Breaking Up Monolithic Websites with Azure

Online event

About Session:

Many organizations have monolithic website applications on legacy systems. While there have been many discussions on how to break your backend application into a microservice architecture, breaking up the front end can be a different challenge.

Using Azure Front Door and related Azure services this challenge can be tackled in manageable pieces while still allowing customers to view a seamless single website.

In this session, John Kilmister shares a range of approaches and look at the Azure front door features that help with this task. We will also address some of the challenges that need to be overcome when splitting up a monolithic front-end web application. Splitting up monolithic websites can lead to improved performance, better scalability, and assist with moving to modern architecture.

About Speaker:

John Kilmister is a Principal Software Architect and Software Engineer who enjoys exploring new technologies to solve real-world problems. With a background at e-commerce companies, he currently works as the principal software architect at the UK largest gym PureGym, working with teams on both web and mobile applications.

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/johnkilmister
Blog: https://www.blueboxes.co.uk
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnkilmister/

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