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What we’re about

🍃🌃🕸🏗 <br>We are Windy City web developers building apps with broad shoulders.💪

The JAMstack is not about specific technologies. It’s a fresh way to build and deliver performant, secure, low-cost websites and apps.

Let’s reduce our cyber and carbon footprints 🖥🔥👣 with prerendered content from static site generators.🌱

Let’s leverage client-side JavaScript to keep more of our dynamic content on the front end and off the server.🔋

And let’s focus on creating content✔✏🎨—not tools 🚫🛠⛏—to improve both the developer and the user experience.

No coding experience necessary. Anyone who uses the Internet is welcome. Yes, we talk about code too.

Come for the food 🍽 and the fun 🎉!