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What we’re about

The Project Illuminated Meetup Group is a group formed specifically to address the deeper meaning behind life. The current power structure will have you believe that all that exists is the physical world before your eyes. Yet, they use spiritual and other supernatural means to control and dominate the planet all the while conspiring to limit your potential as a divine being. They have subversively replaced our moral values given to us by our ancient ancestors with the worship of satanism, sex, money, materialism, militarism, power, racism, and sexism. They have further replaced true spiritualism with religious dogma and the belief in the five senses (physical existence) only. In fact, they are the chief architects of many of the planets conflicts.

Project Illuminated is a global effort to reveal the truth of our existence and show you how to create a new reality. One where you don't need to protest, amass a military like arsenal of weapons or get into wars to change the direction of the world. The powerful and free information as presented through this group will reveal the secrets of the universe that will help revolutionize our current thought process. It will in essence bring about a new found freedom and connection to every living thing on the planet.