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Alchemy of Yoga · Yoga of the Spiritual Masters for Self Realization & Conscious Creation of Life · Yoga for Personal Power & Potential

Kriya Yoga is the Alchemy of Yoga – the Breath through Creation’s Power & Consciousness

Initiation Babaji's Kriya Yoga offers introduction, training, and experience in the ancient spiritual wisdom and practice of Mahavtar Kriya Babaji and the Siddhas:

• Kriya Kundalini Pranayama – the breath to Creation's Power & Consciousness

• Meditations – techniques for manifestation & transformation

• Hatha Asana – essential postures

• Babaji Mantra

• Sacred Puja

• Practical Guidance for your daily life

to awaken and realize your true unchanging Self, infinite potential and power.

Kriya Yoga is:

• the alchemy of Yoga

• the Scientific Art for self-realization

• the path for self-empowerment, self-transformation & self-mastery to realize WHO YOU ARE and the PURPOSE of your life.


In realizing who you are and your purpose, you are able to :

• Act with Awareness & Conscious Living

• Access your Power of Intention & Manifestation

• Heal your Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit

• Experience the Source of your inner, Wellbeing, Wisdom, Peace, Love & Happiness

• Transform self-limiting habits & unconscious Patterns

• Awaken & Kundalini Shakti & balance

• Accelerate nurturing of Divine Consciousness into your nature

• Enhance your Spiritual, Religious & Wellbeing practice

• Realize your true Unchanging Self & Absolute Truth

Practice of Kriya Yoga is independent of age, physical health, socio-cultural or religious background, and integrates into any other spiritual practice.

"Goals of Life are Happiness, Peace, Love, Enlightenment – the Desire for Perfection comes forth from the Self, the Image of God, which seeks to Realize & Express Itself through All Humanity. "(Yogi Ramaiah, inspired by Mahavtar Kriya Babaji)

Organized by Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas (reg.USA/Canada/India)

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