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What we’re about

Babes Bi the Bay is a safe and private meetup group for bisexual, bicurious, and queer women in the Rhode Island area. Whether you are single, have a same-sex partner, a different-sex partner, or multiple partners...Whether you are a Kinsey 1, 3 or 5...Whether you always knew or are still figuring things out...this is the group for you! Meet new people, share experiences, receive support for the unique struggles we face, and most importantly, make friends! We will have events that are primarily located in the Rhode Island area, but members from all over Massachusetts and even Connecticut are welcome! Since this group is primarily located in and around the Ocean State and Narragansett Bay, we are the Babes Bi the Bay. If you are a 24+ female/woman and attracted to women, you too can be a Babe. Queer admirers and straight allies welcome (women only). This is a transgender and genderqueer-welcoming space.