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SO YOU WANT TO GET INTO THE MOVIE INDUSTRY! Join us Mon. April 30 @7pm FREE! Booze 'n' Schmooze Film Networking Event. FREE*! THIS IS A Raindance Montréal Filmmaking Network EVENT Raindance is an established network of filmmakers, writers and actors who mix, mingle meet and make movies. So you want to get into the Movie Industry! Join us Monday Night and meet some of the people who are involve in it for real. So if you want to be an Actor, Director, Editor, Production Assistant join us ALL BEGINNGERS OR VETERANS OF THE BUSINESS ARE WELCOME. Starting at 7pm Monday April 30 Just drop by have a drink and chat Brutopia ( 1219 Crescent Street, Montréal, QC Hate networking? Get over yourself. Raindance Canada, in association with Indie Filmmaking Montreal, are pleased to announce that they will be hosting their Montreal filmmaker’s and actor’s networking shindig! Great Indie filmmakers with the next break out film come to our Schmooze. So join us and chat with the people who are movin’ and shakin’ in the Canadian film industry right now.. And bring business cards. P.S Mondays at Brutopia just so happens to be HAPPY HOUR all day, so YAY! for those of us who enjoy a drink in hand when discussing film! *Note: The entrance & organizers fee to this event are FREE! Anything you eat or drink is your responsibly


1219 Crescent street · Montreal, QC

What we're about

This group is about fun and meeting easy-going people. Sometimes super popcorn movies can be great fun too!
There is a large audience for what we are defining as “Popcorn Movies”.
Sometimes you just want to see a movie that is fun so you do not have to think about some deep meaning or message.
The Back Stage Pass Movie Group will fill this void and show all genres of movies, blockbusters, B-Movies, action , horror, romance, comedies , midnight movies, a complete variety which will not be judged by film critic approval.

One of the benefits of joining our group is we get reduced prices for admission from all the theatres!

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