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What we’re about

Are you a scientific skeptic? See our main page at to find out if you are.
We are a group of scientific skeptics (as opposed to 'conspiracy skeptics') with a heavy emphasis on critical thinking. If you don't believe in paranormal ability, ouija boards or ghosts then this group is for you. FOUNDED IN 2008, we meet at my house in Villa Park (next to Orange) in Orange County, CA on the fourth Wednesday of the month. We have many other events such as field trips, movie night and Irish pub nights.  
During Covid we had Zoom meetings once a month.  The discussions very widely but are always interesting. We pride ourselves on finding the truth behind any claim and better yet, HOW to find the truth behind any claim.

(Before Covid) Our meetings were in our backyard (hence the name) and usually had a guest speaker or a topic which is posted on the meetup announcement. We have many field trips and casual get-togethers just to socialize with other critical thinkers  as well, and of course our great pot-luck summer and winter solstice parties.

We have had different events such as social nights informal meetings such as our 3-minute talks, and meetings with speakers from many different areas of science.   Our meetings are where you can freely talk about your skepticism and questions about supernatural events

We have a voluntary annual donation of $20 or a $/4 month subscription you can sign up for at

Our goal: To support the agnostic/athiest/skeptic/humanist community with local meetings, potluck parties, and other social events. To spread the word that scientific skeptics and non-believers that promote secular values and the separation of church and state. We cherish humanistic values over any supernatural superstitions and encourage others to look at their worldview with critical thinking skills.

I hope you join our group and enjoy the conversations we have!

Bruce Gleason, founder

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