What we're about

You like badminton and meeting new friends?

We are a friendly and fun group with people from all around the world. We love badminton, we love socializing, we love socializing while playing badminton - you get the idea.

So come along and join us for some fun, you'll get to stay fit while enjoying competitive and friendly games !

Skill levels of play from intermediate onwards.

Upcoming events (1)

Friday Badminton @ Move Zone [08/07 19-21h]

Needs a location


Level of play : mid intermediate to advanced.
Currently not open for beginners.

Come and join us for some fun, competitive but friendly games on the 3 doubles courts @ Move Zone.

Take the opportunity to socialise and meet new people while playing your favourite sport.
Join us after the session as we usually have a drink all together.

The event RSVP open every Friday at 9:30PM, first come first served.
The registration are locked in 48hr before the session, if you can't make it after that please contact me.

Please understand that this meetup is for people that know how to play.
We are no professionals but we have the skills to be heated on the court to get fast games going.
If you can't keep up trough fast exchange this group is not for you.
There is not break, we play for 2 hours straight while mixing partners regularly.

New Yonex Mavis 300 shuttles are provided, feel free to bring feather if you'd like.

The venue require non marking shoes and a racket grip in good condition, please check yours.

Past events (111)

Friday Badminton @ Move Zone [01/07 19-21h]

Needs a location


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