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Oh, hi, Meetup! Do you like watching bad movies? Have you seen 'Troll 2' or 'The Room' more times than you care to admit?

If so, then this is the group for you!

Ottawa Bad Movie Nights is dedicated to bringing together fans of cheesy, sleazy, silly, trashy, inept and wonderfully misguided cinema.

Activities will range from going out to see bad movies, to holding movie nights, to movie trivia, to going to movie conventions, and more!

(Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.)

It'll be a blast! So join us for Bad Movie Nights!!!

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We here at OBMN Labs take our work seriously. And we take our fun very seriously too. Every Wednesday, until we can gather in person once again, we'll play something for you. COMING SOON TO A STREAM NEAR YOU: https://www.twitch.tv/ottawabadmovienights IT'S ALIVE!!!™ will feature a Live Chat function for all of you peanuts in the gallery. So, if you're feeling a bout of cabin fever coming on, don't worry: we've got a remedy. (Hey, it won't be 'A (Bad) Night at the Movies', but maybe it'll be a nice distraction... :) NOTA BENE: No more technical issues!!! OBMN Labs has now been upgraded to handle streaming, genetic engineering, atom-splitting, time travel and much more!!! The only thing to stop us now is copyright.

ABNATM2: Electric Boogaloo

Ottawa Public Library Main Branch Room B125

On the third Wednesday of each month, Ottawa Bad Movie Nights programs a companion piece to its 'A (Bad) Night at the Movies' presentations. Um... because misery loves company. These screenings are for OBMN members only and serve as a debrief -if not detox- for our valiant Bad Movie Junkies. We hope that you will join us. NOW PLAYING: It's a surprise!!! WARNING: THIS SELECTION IS NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH: IT'S A VERY TRANSGRESSIVE PIECE BY TODAY'S STANDARDS AND MAY OFFEND SOME VIEWERS' SENSIBILITIES. PLEASE TAKE THAT INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE RSVP-ING. Oh, dear lord! What could it be? Could it be hours of lame-@$$ home videos? Or a stream of stupid pet tricks? Or babies making faces? Aaaargh!!! Hopefully, it'll only be 90 minutes of B-movie trailers. Or maybe 'Raw Force'. Or something funny. Or another sad attempt at a ninja movie. (You can never have too many ninjas...) Well, join us March 18 and find out! *** Nota Bene: Before RSVP-ing, please consult our RSVP policy: https://www.meetup.com/badmovienights/messages/boards/thread/52275343 Thank you. :)

A (Bad) Night at the Movies

Auditorium, Ottawa Public Library, Main Branch

...AND NOW FOR OUR SEASON 2 FINALE! Please join us for our FREE monthly series of bad movies, as curated by Ottawa Bad Movie Nights and hosted by the Ottawa Public Library. Coming soon to a screen near you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ_Yo06kIIA Come watch this immortal non-classic with us Wednesday, April 1, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the OPL's Main Branch auditorium. Spread the word: this special presentation will be chock full o’ bad movie goodness – including trailers, a serial and other odd bits. It's the end of the season!!! Don't miss it!

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