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What we’re about

Hello budding board gamers! We are a group of people who love to meet up and play board games. We normally play a wide range of games from High European strategy games like Agricola, Nemesis, etc, to the very light fun games like 6 Nimmit, Pictomania, etc. depending on our moods. Don’t worry if you’re new to the games - we are great explainers and will try to find a game to match your level.

We meet weekly at the Bedford Public House, (normally upstairs in the Cocktail bar). We aim to start at 6pm, but this isn't hard and fast and go on until about 10 - 10:30, or just whenever you feel you've scratched your gaming itch! It isn't a problem if you can't be there right on 6pm, but please be aware that if you do turn up late games might already be in progress, and you might have to wait to join one.

Everybody is welcomed and if you ask for Rocky, James or Michele, we'll make sure you can get into a game that suits you.

Please also understand that it is a small space with a special atmosphere. We don't normally have social deduction games that may disrupt others at nearby tables. If you really want to play one, ask one of the organisers and they can advise you. There may be occasions when we arrange evenings dedicated to these games which we'll communicate in advance, thanks. We also prefer you not to bring and play any solo or two-player only games, space and tables are limited and we need to make the most of them. Other than that you're free to bring and play whatever you wish, if people are up to playing of course. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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