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Hello, Lisp and Scheme hackers and friends. Please join us for the first-ever purely virtual BALISP meeting. We'll meet this Saturday, March 4th, at 6pm PT. We'll be using Jitsi, a free, open-source video-chatting system, which works entirely in the browser.

Please tell us about interesting projects you've been working on, code you've been studying, interesting articles or books you've been reading, ideas you've had, startups you've started, etc.

For this first virtual gathering, we'll start just by chatting and catching up. If people have ideas for "unconferences," we'll split into separate video chats for those. One topic I'd love to discuss is plans for future BALISP meetings, e.g. talks people would like to give or hear, hackathon ideas, etc.

Don't forget to bring your own snacks this time!