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If you'd like to contact the organizers, please send us email at balisp@googlegroups.com.

We meet quarterly to share lessons learned on various topics including computer science, design, HCI, complex systems development, programming languages, compiler optimization, cryptography, computer music, AI... and whatever else the group finds interesting.

The common thread is that most of the presenters & audience know at least one dialect of Lisp (e.g. Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs Lisp, etc). But it is definitely a polyglot (not just Lisp-related) group, and presentations on non Lisp-related subjects are encouraged.

The format is usually one long-form talk (between twenty minutes and one hour) followed by several "educational lightning talks" (background + five-minute presentation + five minutes for Q&A), with all attendees invited to present if they feel like it. Followed by snacks.

We're beginning to record video of many of our talks and put them on YouTube. You can find them here:


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BALISP virtual social hour #4

Online event

Hello, Lisp and Scheme hackers and friends. Please join me for another virtual BALISP meeting, this time on Saturday, February 6th at 3pm PT. We'll use Jitsi Meet, a free, open-source video-chatting system: https://meet.jit.si/BALISP (Jitsi can be used entirely in the browser, or you can install the Android or iOS app. There's no need to install the optional browser extension.) Please tell us about interesting projects you've been working on, code you've been studying, interesting articles or books you've been reading, ideas you've had, startups you've started, COVID-19 hacks, etc. Or just come to chat about Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, and other related languages.

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BALISP virtual social hour #3

Online event

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