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Lisping on Millions of Devices: Mobile Code at Scale
Hello, Hacker Ladies & Gentlemen! Please join us for a talk by Wes Henderson, creator of mocl, a Lisp implementation for iOS and Android. Abstract: It's hard enough to create proof-of-concept mobile applications, let alone ones that scale to the masses. We discuss some of the practical challenges of developing mobile code that must run across millions of heterogeneous devices. Bio: Wes Henderson is a Lead Software Engineer at Factual. Prior to joining Factual, Wes created mocl, a Lisp implementation for iOS and Android, as well as LambdaLite, a functional, relational database. Wes has been a founder at two technology startups and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We won't have time for lightning talks this time because we don't have the room for long enough. Please note that this talk will not be recorded. This meeting is being held jointly with Biolisp. Thanks very much to Bohdan Khomtchouk, organizer of Biolisp, for organizing the meeting and securing the meeting space at Stanford.

Room 115 at Stanford Science Teaching Learning Center

1 Science Teaching Learning Center Stanford University · Stanford, ca


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    We meet quarterly to share lessons learned on various topics including computer science, design, HCI, complex systems development, programming languages, compiler optimization, cryptography, computer music, AI... and whatever else the group finds interesting.

    The common thread is that most of the presenters & audience know at least one dialect of Lisp (e.g. Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs Lisp, etc). But it is definitely a polyglot (not just Lisp-related) group, and presentations on non Lisp-related subjects are encouraged.

    The format is usually one long-form talk (between twenty minutes and one hour) followed by several "educational lightning talks" (background + five-minute presentation + five minutes for Q&A), with all attendees invited to present if they feel like it. Followed by snacks.

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