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Our classes are closed, as our venue had forbidden all adult activities.

The Colliers Wood Community Centre management have decided to ban all adult activities in the Centre until further notice, in their efforts to comply with the Govt tier regulations which they hope will reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Covid 19 will spread until herd immunity is reached, and dragging htis out is just prolonging the social torture and economic damage, and the quicker the majority wake up to this reality the sooner the Government will end this farce. If some people want to stay at home while the rest if return to our previous life styles and build up herd immunity, nobody will be forcing them to go out

Before the new lockdown on 20 October 2020

Classes on Fridays were only for those with a dance partner, and there were no changes of partners through the evening. The teacher was Raymond Root. The doors open at 7 pm, the class starts at 7.15 pm (sharp) in the main hall and ends at 9.30 pm.

Sunday classes start at 5pm for beginners and lower level improvers, and ended at 7pm, with Piotr as teacher.

From 7.30 pm to 9.30pm we did a Sunday class with Piotr as teacher in the main hall for better level improvers and intemediates.

Our hall has excellent through ventilation

Any questions please phone George on 020 8542 1490

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re start of ballroom dance classes May 2021


We have received permission to re start our classes in ballroom and Latin from 21st May in the Colliers Wood Community Centre, with Raymond Root teaching. This is a class for those who can already get around the floor, it's not for absolute beginners. (We have a class on Sundays for beginners)
I don't know yet what the restrictions will be, such as will we be allowed to change partners, or will numbers be restricted, but I will find out a least a week before we start.
Many students still have credit from October 2020 . They, and anyone one else who pays in advance, will be given priority. However, my view is that many, sadly, will still be terrified of going out, even though they heave been vaccinated, so I doubt that we'll be turning anyone away for a long time to come.
We will start with revision of all the main dances, for at least the first four or five weeks

The re-start of Sunday ballroom lessons in Colliers Wood

Colliers Wood Community Centre

We have been told we can restart our Sunday lessons on Colliers Wood from Sunday 23rd May. I don't know yet what the restrictions will be, if any, but will know at least a week before hand. I do know that Barry and Piotr will be teaching the classes, and we will open at 5 pm and close at 10 pm, and have at least one long tea break. and maybe two. We will do one ballroom and one Latin dance each Sunday, Numbers may be limited. I guess it depends on how much the hysteria cools down, and maybe it won't cool down at all.
We will do the ballroom downstairs and the Latin upstairs, as in the past. If we're not allowed to re start the social dancing we will have three levels of classes, beginner, improver and advanced.

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Two Ballroom and Latin Dance classes every Sunday for couples only

Colliers Wood Community Centre


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