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What we’re about

Need more friends? Want to go do fun things? Wishing for some variety in your life?


BaltiMORE FRIENDS is all about trying something new, meeting people with common interests, and building solid relationships. We host large events to get people mingling, then follow with small events to help everyone get to know one another.

What kinds of stuff do you do?
Everything. If it's more fun to do in a group, then we're into it. We're talking axe throwing, geocaching, cooking classes, fishing, improv comedy, farmer's markets, museums, murder mysteries, road trips, miniature golf, soapmaking, etc. The list is endless!

Can I make a suggestion or host an event myself?
Hell, yeah! We love when people get involved! Contact an Organizer to pitch your idea and let us know whether you want to run the event yourself or have one of us do it.

What if I don't know anyone or this is my first Meetup?
Awesome! Don't stress--everyone was new once, and we all became friends because we consistently spent time together. If you're still hesitant, sign up for one of the smaller events and contact the Organizer in advance so you have one familiar face/voice when you get there.

What's this about dues?
Meetup is notorious for people flaking, so we set a nominal fee after 6 months so people who sign up and disappear will automatically get removed from the group. That means our members are actual people, not just defunct profiles. Plus, it helps us pay for Meetup! C'mon--$10 isn't going to break the bank, and we guarantee you'll have ten bucks' worth of fun! We'll even waive it if you host an event, so pick something interesting and get it on the calendar!

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